Terms and Conditions

The home aims at all times to reach and, indeed exceed, the National Minimum Standards for Care Homes for Older People. A copy is kept in the home and may be seen on request.

We try to provide a comfortable and happy home and hope that residents will enjoy living here. We will do everything possible to respect the rights of older people in this home, particularly by observing the values of privacy, dignity, independence, choice, civil rights and fulfillment which can be threatened by living in a communal environment and having to cope with disabilities.

We recognize that providing good care is a co-operative process and we will attempt to consult residents and, where appropriate, their relatives, friends and representatives at all times and as fully as possible. This document should be read and interpreted in the light of these principles.


The fees payable will be £725.00 per week, payable calendar monthly in advance (calculated thus: weekly rate x 52 weeks / 12 months). Fees for periods of less than a week are calculated at a daily rate of 1/7 of the weekly fee, with part days calculated at the full day rate.

Fees include all care and accommodation costs, food and drink detailed on the menu, heating and lighting, laundry (except dry-cleaning). Fees do not cover chiropody, dentists, opticians, hairdressing, newspapers or the purchase of clothing, toiletries and personal effects. There is a charge for using our monthly account service which equates to £1.00 per item to cover, time, stationery and postage. Alternatively clients can pay by cash for each service at the time of provision, direct to the provider.

Fees are reviewed annually in April. If a service user requires additional care, however, it may be necessary to increase the fee. The home will give one months’ notice of any increase in fees.

Late payment of fees may be subject to an interest charge of 3% to be applied at the discretion of the owners. Fees which are overdue by more than 3 months may be the subject of legal proceedings for recovery and may result in the cancellation of the contract. We will endeavor on all occasions to reach an outcome satisfactory to all parties and seek to find a helpful and amicable solution.


The home maintains a clear policy and stringent procedures in accordance with the Department of Health guidelines for all aspects of the handling of residents’ medication. Records are kept of whether each service user wishes to deal with their own medication or pass that responsibility to staff and of any medication in use whether or not it is self-administered.


The management undertakes to make available sufficient staff to meet the service users’ care needs. A full assessment of care needs will be carried out before admission and will be reviewed regularly thereafter. A service user plan will be drawn up with the service user; the plan will clearly set out the action needed to be taken by care staff to ensure that all aspects of the health, personal and social care needs of the service user are met.


The home is properly insured. Items over the value of £250.00 should be insured by the service user, or alternatively kept by a relative or representative for safe keeping. A safe can be made available for a client’s room, please request this on admission if you would like to avail yourself of this facility. The home cannot accept responsibility or liability for items over the value of £250.00 or for any item that is not kept properly secured in a locked safe.


The management will ensure as far as practical the health, safety and welfare of the service users, including compliance with relevant legislation and the Department of Health guidance. To comply with fire regulations and for the safety and comfort of service users and staff, smoking is permitted only in designated areas outside in the grounds.


Visitors are welcome at any time. In the interest of mutual safety visitors are asked to sign in and out in the Visitors Book found in reception and to inform a member of staff if a resident is leaving the premises with them. We ask that visitors do not attend at mealtimes unless they are sharing a meal with us. There is a small charge for this of £5.00 for a two course lunch and bookings must be made 24 hours in advance.


The home has a complaints procedure which can be seen on request. Any complaint made will be dealt with in accordance with this procedure.


St. Andrews House is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Further details are to be found on our certificate of registration in reception.


St. Andrews House will make every effort to return lost property to its original owner. However, property unclaimed after a year will be disposed of by the Home.


Trial Period

Residence in the home for the first calendar month will be on a trial basis. If during or at the end of the period either the service user or the home’s management regards the arrangement as unlikely to be satisfactory for the long term, residence can be terminated with one calendar months’ notice from either side and the service user will vacate the home at a time agreed.

Permanent residence

The staff and management of the home will make every effort to provide the service user with a permanent place of residence including, wherever possible, through periods of sickness. Advice will be taken from the appropriate health professionals in situations where it is considered that the home is temporarily or permanently unable to provide for the service user’s medical or nursing needs.


One month’s notice of termination by either St. Andrews House or the client will apply in the following situations:

1) In the event that either the management of St. Andrews finds that the home is no longer able to accommodate the service user appropriately or the service user wishes to leave the home for any reason.

2) In the event of the death of the service user.

This period is to allow for sufficient time for the possessions/effects of a service user to be removed from the room and for the management of St. Andrews to arrange and carry out the running repairs on the room which are required after a period of occupation.

Any damage over and above normal ‘wear and tear’ to the room will mean an additional charge to the resident (e.g. carpets, furniture etc., which belong to St. Andrews House).

The final month’s fees are usually paid by means of the deposit taken on admission. If a deposit has not, for any reason, been paid on admission then 1 month’s fees become liable after the client vacates the room.


There is no discount or refund payable by St. Andrews House on fees for any absence from the home by a client, for whatever reason. This will include holiday absences and hospital stays.


The home will promote and maintain the resident’s health and ensure access to health care services. In particular it will do the following.

1. Support self-care wherever possible.
2. Maintain personal and oral hygiene.
3. Identify pressure sores or the risk of developing pressure sores and undertake appropriate action.
4. Seek and act on advice on continence and ensure that the necessary aids and equipment are provided and used.
5. Monitor psychological health and ensure that preventative and restorative care are provided.
6. Provide appropriate opportunities for exercise and physical activities.
7. Identify and act on any risk of falling.
8. Regularly assess and act on the service.
9. Enable service users to register with a GP of their choice, subject to the GP’s agreement.
10. Facilitate access to specialist medical, nursing, dental, pharmaceutical, chiropody and therapeutic services and hospital and community health care, as required.
11. Ensure access to hearing tests and sight tests and appropriate aids.
12. Provide information and advice about entitlements to health care.
13. Inform the service users’ next of kin or representative of serious illness or death.


Service users are encouraged to have personal possessions, subject to health and safety and fire risk assessments, which remain their property. (Residents wishing to bring a pet into the home should discuss the matter with the manager who will make every effort to meet reasonable requests). Items of significant value (over £250.00) should be individually insured by the service user. The staff will attempt to provide security for resident’s possessions in their own room but no responsibility can be accepted for items in their rooms. All clothing should be clearly marked with the residents name on arrival. The home will make every effort to ensure clothing is not damaged.


If a client needs to be accompanied to hospital for a routine or emergency visit, St. Andrews House will charge back to the client the hourly rate for the carer’s time. This will be denoted by the time of leaving St. Andrews House to the time of return. This charge is necessitated by the increase in frequency of such requests and the overall increase in hospital visits for routine appointments and investigations.