Meals and Activities

At St. Andrews House we recognise the importance of providing appetising, nutritious, well balanced meals for our residents.

Catering at St Andrews House

Here at St Andrews, we are very lucky to have our catering prepared freshly on site. Our menu is inspired by the nationally renowned Ashburton Cookery School, which is located just up the road from our home. Our catering team take a hands-on approach and cook homemade meals from scratch for our residents every day.

Good food makes people happy and we encourage all residents to eat lunch together as an opportunity to socialise with one another. In the St Andrews House kitchen we ensure everyone’s personal preferences and dietary requirements are catered for. Striving to source the best ingredients using local producers and suppliers, our recipes ensure that we achieve the best possible standards in food service. What’s more, every dish we produce contributes to a nutritionally balanced diet. As well as serving three delicious meals every day, we make sure our residents have easy access to snacks and drinks throughout the day and night.

The catering team at St Andrews House also provide a range of delicious homemade bread, pies and cakes, all made on-site. As we make our food from fresh, we can alter our recipes to cater for our vegan, celiac and gluten free residents.

The St Andrews House staff provide breakfast in the day areas or in rooms according to preference and most tastes can be accommodated. Our Resident’s care plans hold details of their food and drinks needs, likes and dislikes, any allergies, the timing of medication or any special assistance, like easy to hold cutlery and any religious or cultural dietary requirements.

Take a look at the highlights from a typical menu here.



During the mornings, some residents like to ‘do their own thing’; go into town, or stay in their rooms, whilst others like to be downstairs. Residents are able to have one to one visits for a general chat/socialising if they wish, or they may want some assistance with something eg shopping, letter writing, sorting personal belongings. There is also an opportunity to meet with other residents over coffee and there is always access to books, jigsaw puzzles, word games, crosswords, TV, music, magazines, craft materials and colouring etc…

During the afternoons there will generally be an organised group activity from about 2.15-3.15. In a typical week there would be a quiz, word/number games, a physical activity such as armchair aerobics, an art/craft/colouring activity, reminiscing and discussions, musical activity, and maybe a film at the weekend. We always aim to mark special dates with appropriate activities; eg Saints days, Commonwealth Day, The Queen’s birthday, International Poetry Day to name but a few! All of these activities are subject to change and the need to be flexible, because, in any given week, we have to factor in GP visits, the District Nurses, hospital appointments, residents going off site, our hairdresser and podiatrist, as well as relatives and visitors popping in, which we of course, wish to encourage at all times! Therefore it is difficult to have an exact plan for each week and so we focus on being ‘person-centred’ and going with the flow of the day, rather than sticking to an absolute plan. Residents are kept informed each day, or before if possible, about activities.

That said, when there are visiting entertainers coming in, or a special event is planned, such as our coffee mornings, residents and relatives will be given as much notice as possible.

We regularly survey all our residents about things that they like to do, but it is also useful to have input from friends and relatives. Equally, if you have a skill that you could offer, to provide an activity at St Andrews, we would love your input!