Accommodation at St. Andrews

We are currently registered for 24 clients. Every room is completely different and range in sizes. All rooms are en suite

Anyone over the age of 65 years, who because of physical or mental incapacities require help with their daily living, are entitled to apply for a place with us. However, most of our residents are in their 80’s or 90’s. We have many residents from Ashburton and the surrounding districts and one of our main aims is to ensure that we help residents retain their links with their community, family and friends.

St. Andrews House will accept both private clients and those who may be referred by Social Services. However, in order to remain competitive and offer the very high standards that we wish to, our minimum fee structure will require that clients referred by social services will need to top up their payments. This will be fully discussed at the initial interview so that everyone is aware of the implications and requirements of this.

We can provide our rooms empty – partly furnished or fully furnished. Clients are encouraged to bring items from home that will make their rooms more personalised.

We have 3 spacious lounges giving residents ample opportunity to seek their own space and 1 main dining area. There are 4 public toilets and an Assisted Bathroom complete with a bath chair hoist.

The garden and grounds are very beautiful and popular with residents and we have adequate seating through out the summer months, so that people can enjoy being outdoors.